About Us

Swapnet (then called Neutrino Swaps) was conceived at the DeFi Hackathon during SF Blockchain Week. The idea is simple, we want to bring fixed term, fixed rate loans to DeFi to enable lending for long term capex.

Jeff Wu

Jeff has spent over 10 years in software, working at Epic Systems, Atlassian and Splunk where he’s worked on data and analytics projects. He found out about Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2014 and has been hooked ever since. Currently, he is the Senior Product Manager for the Blockchain team at Splunk, focusing on developing blockchain monitoring and analytics products. Outside of work, Jeff enjoys playing soccer, watching the NBA, gardening and cooking, and camping with his wife and dog.

Teddy Woodward

Teddy has several years experience in trading, most recently as Head of Trading at Ayanda Capital, a London-based fund focused on cryptocurrencies. Prior to this, Teddy traded cross-currency interest rate swaps at Barclays Investment Bank for three years.